Mockingjay Book – the Hunger Games to the Finale

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Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay is the third book of the well-known Hunger Games Trilogy, and is now available on Kindle. The trilogy has taken the science fiction world by surprise ever since it was published, and has received high appreciations, such as:

·         #1 USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller

·         A People magazine, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus Best Book of 2009

·         A Time Magazine Best Fiction Book of 2009

·         A 2009 Booklist Editors’ Choice

A 2012 American science fiction movie based on Suzanne Collins’ trilogy was directed by Gary Ross and had Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik as producers.

A few technical details of the Kindle edition:

·         File size: 860 KB

·         Number of pages: 390

·         Published by: Scholastic Press on August 24th 2010 (first edition)

·         Written in English

·         X-Ray: enabled

·         Text-to-speech: enabled


The action of Mockingjay also takes place in Panem, which has replaced the destroyed US. The Capitol city is still at war with the twelve districts and wants revenge. In their opinion, Katniss Everdeen should pay for the unease and revolt of the districts.

Although, unexpectedly, Katniss has succeeded to survive the Hunger Games twice, she is not safe still. Neither are her friends, her family, or the inhabitants of District 12, because President Snow has clearly expressed it.

Mockingjay is clearly not going in the direction that many readers anticipated. A happy end in the romantic style, with war in the background, is definitely not possible. Not for Suzanne Collins. She has been starting the revolution since the first day, so that the grim nature of the previous books goes on to the finale. People will continue to die, although it is not always fair. The characters also changed significantly due to the war.

Main characters

The main character, Katniss Everdeen, is the symbol of the rebellion of the districts against the Capitol. The character is portrayed in detail, and is an expression of responsibility, friendship, trust, hard work, care and love, which are only a few of her features. She flip-flops between the two men she loves: Peeta and Gale. Finally, she shares her life with Peeta, drawing him to light and life.

Peeta Mellark was very good at public speaking, unlike his friend Katniss. The words were his most feared weapons. This final book of the Hunger Games reveals a totally new Peeta, who has almost lost this ability to speak fluently due to the tortures he suffered. His conscience is also altered. He is ready to kill the person he loves most: Katniss.

Gale Hawthorne is a good looking, intelligent warrior, but his hunting instincts make him depersonalize people. This feature keeps Gale and Katniss from being together.

Pros and cons

The direction of Mockingjay is probably the right one, the natural one, although many fans are disappointed not to see a happy love story after so much war. The author, however, refused to soften her story, but created a memorable series that may haunt you as a reader for a long time after having completed it.


The trilogy has been much appreciated by Kindle owners who have ranked it as follows:

·         #8 in Science Fiction

·         #10 in Fantasy

·         #17 in Kindle eBooks / Science Fiction & Fantasy

·         #435 Paid in Kindle Store

This final book was awarded 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon.


The series is provocative, one of the best written science fiction books. You will really enjoy reading it, no matter what kind of literature you are a fan of. Although grim, Mockingjay is surprising and captivating, so don’t miss it!

The Host Review – Stephenie Meyer – Where There Is Will, There Is a Way

The Host Stephenie Meyer

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If the interest for Stephenie Meyer’s creations grew exponentially after the Twilight series made it to the big screen, thousands of people already anticipate the success of The Host, the author’s latest best seller.

Those expecting teenage adventures will be surprised to discover a mature and complex approach, exposed through both inner and external conflicts, at a fast pace and in the background of a fantastic but realistically presented story.

The book has 968 KB and 625 pages, all promising to capture and store the reader’s interest.


Romance is taken to alien territory, The Host recounting the Earth’s invasion by some altruistic parasites who control the mind and the body of their host. The real adventure starts with Melanie Stryder, who refuses to give in to her invader, Wanderer. Her memories and love for Jared, force Wanderer to surrender to her body’s longing and start looking for Jared in the desert.

This is probably the first love triangle involving three souls and only two bodies, at the same time a buildings roman, sharing the transformation of the Wanderer, from the fierce invader to the more compassionate and easy to relate to, Wanda. Suspense, action, adventure and romance, everything is in the 625 pages, ready to be turned into a lifetime experience.

Main Characters

Obviously, the most important character is Melanie, The Host, caught in her struggle to defeat the Wanderer and, later, to get to know Wanda and convince her to help. The concern for her loved ones, the passion for Jared, the friendship with Wanda, all these are just a few of the aspects that help the heroine of the story to grow more mature and responsible.

Wanderer, later becoming Wanda, is also the narrator, a complex soul who, although invades Melanie’s body, hates violence and if highly influenced by the strong will of the new body.

Another main complex figure is that if Jared Howe. Introduced as Melanie’s lover, in a sense, he becomes defensive and cruel, even bad, as her mind is controlled by Wanda. He regains his charms by accepting Wanda and the cruel reality that she was forced to invade Melanie’s body.

The relationships between characters are spiced with intense, passionate scenes, The Hostbeing labeled as an adult novel. However, critics find it acceptable for teenagers as well.

Pros and Cons

Far from being just a romance novel, this work of art stands out from the numerous books in its category through the unique line of action and the growth of its characters throughout the story. It is captivating, intriguing and sweet, a must have for anyone desperate about his or her Kindle.


Received with praises and enthusiasm, the novel quickly conquered the hearts of readers around the world. Women easily identify themselves with Wanda, living her adventures and her growing love for the human race.


It does not matter what type of books you prefer, with The Host, you are in for a literary delight.




Gabe Quinn Killing Hope or Finding the Killer?

Killing Hope Gabe Quinn Thriller #1

Killing Hope – Gabe Quinn Thriller #1 Review

Keith Houghton, Killing Hope’s author, has been writing since he was thirteen. He used to write science fiction, but, thirty years later, he followed his English teacher’s advice and approached another style. He now says that he should have followed his teacher’s advice earlier. The last series of novels he wrote seems to prove he is right.

His novel, Killing Hope, is now at its second edition and continues to be a great success. The Kindle edition has almost reached 200,000 downloads.

A few technical details of the Kindle edition:

  • File size: 857 KB
  • Number of pages: 631
  • Published by: Keith Houghton, 2nd edition on April 26th 2013
  • Written in English
  • X-Ray: enabled
  • Text-to-speech: enabled


The main hero, LAPD cop Gabe Quinn, investigates a strange case. He tries to track down the person responsible for a series of horrible crimes. Knowing from his experience that every murder has a motive and every murderer leaves a trail, Gabe Quinn follows that trail.

Quinn’s exploits have made him famous, but fame is not everything when it comes to stopping crimes. The current quest is perhaps the most difficult he has been put to. Gabe Quinn comes back in the Robbery-Homicide Department after going through a terrible a personal tragedy which has deeply affected him emotionally. He caught a fierce serial killer after hunting him through two big cities. Finding several cryptic clues at the crime scenes, Quinn faces the difficult task of putting together the pieces of a new weird puzzle, for the solving of which he is put in the situation of questioning almost everything he believed in.

Main characters

The main character of Killing Hope, Gabe Quinn, is so exceptionally crafted and multi-dimensional that you become his fan from the first lines of the novel. His fears, emotions and frustration will catch you and make you treat him empathetically.

The other characters are also well defined and have a significant impact on the course of the story.

Pros and cons

The story is exciting, the dialogue is sharp, and the main character is interesting. Maybe fewer plot branches and episodic characters would have helped to an improved coherency of the text.


Killing Hope has won an impressive series of top Amazon rankings since its first edition, in November 2011, as

  • International #1 bestseller;
  • More than 192,000 Kindle downloads worldwide;
  • International top 10 bestseller – Thrillers / Suspense / Mystery;
  • International top 10 bestseller – Police Procedurals;
  • International top 10 bestseller – Hard-boiled;
  • Top 20 bestseller;
  • #1 US and UK bestseller – Police Procedurals;
  • #1 US / Canada / France bestseller – Hard-boiled;
  • #2 UK – Hard-boiled;
  • #3 UK – Thrillers;
  • #3 UK – Mystery;
  • #5 US – Suspense;
  • #6 US – Thrillers;
  • UK top 40 bestseller;
  • Canada top 100 bestseller.


Killing Hope is a book to recommend to all the lovers of the murder and thriller styles, a story that draws you in and makes you want more and more action.

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The Hit David Baldacci – Who Is Going to Die?

The Hit by David Baldacci

David Baldacci, writer of The Hit Novel and a famous author, published in more than 80 countries and over 45 languages, with an impressive number of 110 million printed copies. His previous novel, The Innocent, was one of the 2012 bestselling books. Along with his wife, he is a cofounder of the Wish You Well Foundation, dedicated to supporting literacy endeavors across America.

The Kindle edition ofThe Hit has the following features:

·         File size: 654 KB

·         Number of pages: 396

·         Published by: Grand Central Publishing on April 23rd 2013

·         Written in English

·         X-Ray: enabled

·         Text-to-speech: enabled


Will Robie is a highly skilled assassin. He is the master of killing that the United States government needs, in order to eliminate the most dangerous enemy of the state, one who has made huge numbers of innocent victims.

As a hitman, Robie’s talent cannot be equaled, with a notable exception: Jessica Reel. She is as dangerous and professional as Robie, a real lethal weapon. Currently, she has gone rogue and has turned her killing talent against other members of the agency.

There is only one man capable of stopping her, and that one is Will Robie. The government leaves bringing her dead or alive to Robie saying that catching a killer is a job that only another killer can do.

While pursuing Jessica Reel, Robie finds interesting things about her so called betrayal. Her actions against the agency are meant to conceal a more dangerous threat, one that could hit the United States government and the whole world as well.

Main characters

Will Robie is a cold hit man, a master of killing who never questions orders and never misses his target. His cold-blooded detachment and machine-like precision make him an exceptionally efficient killer. However, his intelligence is not to be neglected…

Jessica Reel is also a feared killer, as good as Robie is. She has been ordered to kill a dictator, but she chose to execute someone else instead. For this reason, she is now considered as a menace to the agency.

Pros and cons

Most of the readers recommend the book as a fast-paced thriller, written in the already known, catching style of The Innocent. A few readers think that the action is close to the ideas of other authors, but it is already difficult to find totally new plots with the huge amount of literary productions of the recent years.

Conspiracy novels already have a long history and the theme of hiring a killer to eliminate another one cannot bring anything new. However, Balducci casts a bit of freshness over the old clichés and makesThe Hit his best novel in years.


The Hit has succeeded to get to the top of several categories in Kindle Store:

·         #3 Paid;

·         #1 in eBooks / Literature & Fiction / Fiction / Mystery&Thrillers / Thrillers

·         #1 in Books / Mystery, Thriller&Suspense / Thrillers

·         #1 in Books / Literature & Fiction / United States.


The Hit is a captivating, well-written thriller that draws the attention of the readers from its beginning to the end, a memorable story that cannot be forgotten too soon.

Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks – From Hell to Heaven in a Nutshell

Safe Haven Nicholas SparkSafe Haven Book Review

WithSafe Haven, Nicholas Spark has once again conquered the attention of the audience. Following his two previous best-sellers and box-office successes, Dear John and The Notebook, the newest novel signed by Nicholas Spark combines romanticism, suspense and drama for drawing the restless destiny of a young woman.

In the same line with his first works, the 432 pages of impeccably written, discuss life, destiny, analyze emotions, highlighting life’s complex course.

Recently adapted for a motion picture movie, under the direction of Lasse Hallström and starring Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders and Julianne Hough, the novel is definitely one of the books perfect for quality lecture time.

Safe Haven Storyline

The novel debuts in the city of Southport, North Carolina with the arrival of a mysterious young woman. Running from an abusive husband, Erin Tierney becomes Katie Feldman, rents a small cottage and gets a job as a waitress at a local restaurant.

In search of a new life, the heroine tries to fit into the life of this small community, establishing a friendly relationship with a neighbor called Jo and starting a romantic affair with Alex, a store owner, widow and father of two children.

Slowly, Katie becomes more and more attached to Alex and his two children, Kristen and Josh. Putting behind all past memories, the young woman is decided to start from scratch.

As their story comes to life, Katie’s past comes to hunt her. As Jo offers her emphatic and devoted support and Alex promises to always be there for her, Katie chooses to leave behind a life of run and hide and embrace the safety of her love story with Alex.

Main Characters

For the creation of Safe Haven, Nicholas Spark uses strong, well-defined characters:

·         Katie Feldman- the central character of the novel, Katie is a strong yet vulnerable woman, learning how to cope with a dark past and the prospective of a bright future.


·         Alex- owner of a local store, Alex is the voice of ration and responsibility. Widower and in charge of two children, he grows deep feelings for Katie, hoping to spend his future at her side.


·         Jo- a very vocal character, Jo is the lively, emphatic neighbor who is always there for Katie, providing support and comfort.


·         Josh- one of Alex’s sons, Josh is trying to accept the new woman in his life.


·         Kristen- the daughter of Alex, Kristen, unlike her brother, approves of this new presence in their life, affection.

All the other secondary characters, like Kevin, Katie’s husband, Ivan, the owner of Katie’s workplace, Ricky, Katie’s coworker and suitor, Coffey and Ramirez, Kevin’s colleagues make the connections necessary for the story to be fluent.

Pros and Cons

As many readers would say (critics and amateurs alike), Safe Haven is one of the best romantic thrillers post modern literature has produced. Nicholas’ unmistakable style brings to life a complex, coherent plot, a storyline which highlights illusions and disillusions.


Thrilling, captivating, romantic, Katie’s story has conquered hundreds of readers around the world. Described by many as the ‘perfect lecture’, the novel has quickly become a best-seller. Add the excitement of the story to the easiness of reading a Kindle format version and you have the round, complete 360 º lecture experience!


According to reviews and editorials, Safe Haven is a safe lecture, which perfectly complements a leisure afternoon.


Alex Cross, Run – The Race for Justice

Alex Cross. Run Book

Following a long list of best sellers, Alex Cross, Run could not have been any different. A captivating thriller, with well-defined characters and a good dose of mystery and suspense, James Patterson’s Alex Cross, Run has become for many a reference point of the thriller genre.

Declared by the Guinness Worlds Records, the writer with the most bestsellers chosen by New York Times, James Patterson offers once again an exciting thriller with original characters, with murders and drugs, with police chases and human stories.

In this crazy chase for the truth, people get hurt, relationships are broken and the world looses sense. Will Alex Cross save the day or not?


Alex Cross, Run tells the story of police officer, Alex Cross and his partner, John Sampson. With the arrest of Elijah Creem, a crazy series of dangerous events start to unfold, puzzling and deeply affecting Alex Cross’ existence.

The police officer always looking for the truth will be assigned three cases at once, all connected with Elijah Creem and his crime partner, Joshua Bergman. While fighting drugs, minor abuse, illegal porn videos, murders and disappearances, Alex Cross must face also the threats and the stalking of Ron Guidice, who believes Alex killed his fiancé.

A series of unfortunate incidents lead to Alex’s degradation to desk work. As he is getting closer and closer to discovering the truth, his life falls into pieces. Will he be able to put the pieces back together?

Main Characters

As the novel unfolds, more and more characters come to life. However, the Alex Cross, Run plot focuses mainly on a few names:

  • Alex Cross- the main character of the novel, Alex represents justice and truth. Incorruptible and honest, Alex is not only the perfect police officer but also a devoted, loving husband and a great father.


  • John Sampson- Alex’s best friend, John helps him in solving the cases and catching the guilty.


  • Elijah Creem- a famous plastic surgeon, Elijah was running an illegal business of drug contraband and porn movies with minors. He is responsible also for the dead of many girls.


  • Joshua Bergman- Creem’s best friend and confederate, Joshua is a vicious person, guilty for killing homosexuals and participating in the orgies organized in partnership with Creem.


  • Ron Guidice- Alex’s biggest enemy, Ron, represents the stalker, who accuses Alex of the death of his fiancé.


The plot includes also secondary characters such as Alex’s wife Bree Stone-Cross, Alex’s children, Janelle, Damon, Ali and the adopted Ava, but also Adele Finaly, the therapist of Alex or Nana Mama, Alex’s grandmother. Their role is to connect the various sequences of the story, providing fluidity and coherence to the entire structure of the novel.

Pros and Cons

As the story comes to life, it is impossible not to notice the linearity and the clarity of a plot with many twists. Powerful visual images and a diverse range of emotions, elegantly drawn by the unique style of James Patterson provide the reader a dynamic lecture with ups and downs and spicy scenes.


By now, the audience is accustomed with James Patterson’s bestsellers, so the expectations regarding Alex Cross, Run were just as high. As always, James Patterson’s work does not fail the expectations.

Received with great enthusiasm, both the paperback version and the Kindle version of the novel were sold very quickly, in millions of copies.


Impeccably written, consistent and rich in suspense and mystery, Alex Cross, Run is a great choice for an afternoon lecture.


Gone Girl Book Review – Escaping and Returning to the Trap of Marriage

Gone Girl Book Review

Gone Girl Book Review


One of the best thrillers of the contemporary literature, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl  fathoms the dynamics of a complex long-term relationship. A surprising, twisted plot and powerful characters attract the reader into a universe of intrigues and complots, of doubts and uncertainties.

432 pages of impeccable writing create suspense, playing with the reader’s expectations all along. As Nick and Amy, the main characters, tell their story, the novel becomes more and more fascinating. As very little books manage to do, Gone Girl traps the reader in this ‘house of mirrors’ until the very end, whispering the same question: which is the truth?

Gone Girl Storyline

The novel has a dual composition. The first part of Gone Girl discusses the marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne, marriage threatened by misunderstandings, by argues and by a general state of unhappiness.

Nick is a former journalist in search of a new career, after having lost his job. As he no longer provides for the family, he decides to take immediate action. Nick and his wife relocate to a Carthage, a small town in Missouri, for starting a new chapter of their existence.

Helped by his twin sister, Margo, Nick opens a restaurant. Their apparently quiet life is shattered by Amy’s disappearance. As Nick appears to be completely indifferent to her missing, many people consider him to be the responsible of Amy’s mysterious disappearance.

The second half of the novel tells the story of Amy. Unsatisfied by her current situation, Amy decides to frame her death, disappearing and leaving only a journal that incriminates Nick. During her adventures, she will be robbed, ending up in the house of a friend willing to help her.

As Amy starts to feel trapped in the house of the friend, she becomes paranoid, killing the host. The last lines of the novel suggest a return to normality with Amy’s come back home after a fake kidnapping. The marriage follows its course as Amy declares to be pregnant with Nick.

Main Characters

This thriller focuses on the destiny of two main figures portrayed by the novel:

  • Nick Dunne- former journalist, Nick is surprised by the author in the posture of a man recovering after having lost the job and, implicitly, the family’s source of income. Unhappy and unsatisfied, Nick treats the disappearance of the wife with coldness and detachment, the same detachment with which he will accept the pregnant wife back in his life later on.


  • Amy Dunne- reluctant to the idea of change, Amy has a double personality and reveals her true nature as the events precipitate. Escaping a life she is not happy with, she hides while trying to frame her death to her husband. In the end, she commits murder, returns home as if nothing happened and announces her pregnancy.


  • Margo Dunne- Nick’s twin sister, Margo has a decisive contribution to her brother’s professional future, supporting him in opening and running the restaurant.

Pros and Cons

Well-written and captivating, Gone Girl illustrates two universes, two different points of view, highlighting where they intertwine and where they come apart.  Strong characters and the dual composition recommend the novel for a pleasant lecture at any moment.


From famous critics to the simplest readers, the book has received great reviews. Gillian Flynn has done a great work in populating a universe with lies, betrayal, love, dramas, all triggered by the two characters incapable of understanding each other.


Finding the perfect novel for the holidays is never an easy task. If you lack ideas, consider the Kindle format of Gone Girl and the vacation can start!

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The Hunger Games Trilogy Books Review – No Room for Happy Endings


 Hunger Games Trilogy

The Hunger Games Trilogy Books Review

The latest creation of the prolific Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games Trilogy, can now be found in complete edition on Kindle. Since it was published, it has received eulogistic appreciations:


  • #1 USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller;
  • A People magazine, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus Best Book of 2009;
  • A Time Magazine Best Fiction Book of 2009;
  • A 2009 Booklist Editors’ Choice.

There is also a 2012 American science fiction movie with the same title, based on Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Trilogy, having Gary Ross as a director and Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik as producers.

A few technical details of the Kindle edition:

  • File size: 1693 KB
  • Number of pages: 1187
  • Published by: Scholastic Press on May 1st 2011
  • Written in English
  • X-Ray: enabled
  • Text-to-speech: enabled

The Hunger Games Storyline

The Hunger Games Trilogy takes place far in the future, in a place called Panem, on the territory of the destroyed US. The state consists of a Capitol city and thirteen districts. A previous rebellion of the districts against the Capitol was defeated and had as a result the complete obliteration of the thirteenth district. Each district is now forced to send two tributes, a boy and a girl, to be part of the annual Hunger Games, as retribution for the past crimes the districts had committed.

The Hunger Games are in reality survival trials, where only one can survive and be the winner. Catching Fire, the second book, reveals a lot of unrest and anger in the districts, when the year’s edition of the Hunger Games takes an unnatural turn and past winners of the games are forced to fight for survival. The third book, Mockingjay, relates a real rebellion, as the districts are at war once again with the Capitol and the situation becomes explosive.

Main characters

The Hunger Games Trilogy abounds in rich and detailed characters, some of them having memorable deaths. Love, caring, responsibility, friendship, trust, hard work are only a few features of the characters in these books. The central figure is Katniss Everdeen, who becomes the symbol of the rebellion of the twelve districts against the Capitol. Peeta Mellark is Katniss’ partner in the 74th annual Hunger Games, as the male tribute from the twelfth district.

Pros and cons

The story depicts one of the grimmest worlds ever illustrated in the universal literature. The style is vigorous and precise and makes the whole story very catchy.


The e-book has been well received by Kindle owners and has been ranked as follows:

  • #8 in Science Fiction
  • #10 in Fantasy
  • #17 in Kindle Store / Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • #435 Paid in Kindle Store.


This thought-provoking and very well written book will make you enjoy reading it even if you are one of the most fastidious literature consumers. You will be emotionally involved until you read the very last word of The Hunger Games Trilogy.

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Fifty Shades Freed Book Review – The Shades of Passion

Fifty Shades Freed Book Review


Fifty Shades of Freed Download

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You don’t expect a masterpiece like the Fifty Shades Trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed being its finale part, to be written by a TV executive, mother and wife, especially when the action tends to eroticism.

It does happen, and E.L. James is the one responsible for the exception to the rule. Although among her first novels, the work under discussion does not reveal any lack of experience, but rather maturity and determination in shaping the characters and giving their actions a meaning.

Fifty Shades Freed Storyline

The novel tells the story of the rebel student, Anastasia Steele, and of the young and charming entrepreneur Christian Grey. Their very first encountering leads to an emotional and physical affair that manages to turn their life around in ways they could not even imagine.

As she discovers her own sexuality, Anastasia is faced with Christian’s egocentric preferences and is forced to push the latter into controlling them. In love and determined to have her by his side, Christian agrees to make an effort.

In theory, they should now have it all, but, in practice, that rarely happens, and the Fifty Shades Freed story marked by passion, intimacy and wealth is soon shaded by new challenges.

Ana’s fear of getting caught and losing her identity in the whirlwind of Christian’s wealthy life, his own fears of overwhelming Ana with his controlling tendencies, are all tests that the heroes need to pass in order to enjoy the fulfillment and beatitude their relationship should offer.

Main Characters

Obviously, the story of Fifty Shades Freed is built around Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, the young, aspiring and fearing young woman and the strong, confident and controlling entrepreneur. Their promising love story is twisted by the interference of many other characters, like their friends, Elliot, Kate, Ethan and Mia, but also by episodic characters whose actions are meant to ensure the coherence and credibility of the story, like Dr Flynn, Ray, Elizabeth or Elena.

Pros and Cons

Although labeled as adult literature, Fifty Shades Freed, and, in fact, the entire trilogy, make a far more complex work of art, combining all the elements that contribute to a good read: love and passion, action and adventure, suspense and unexpected outcomes.

Add to this a light and easy to follow language, a fluidity of the events, and you have the recipe for success, no matter if in the traditional paper format or in that for Kindle.


You would think that this is another sugary story that only housewives fall for, but you are wrong. It is a bestseller that men and women adore, with a unique blend of events and intrigues, spiced with humor, passion, and, why not, nudity.


Fifty Shades Freed is just the cherry on top of the pie – in order to fully enjoy it, you need to read its predecessors, Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker, because, together, they make a story that you will never forget, one that will get you looking and waiting for every new E.L. James creation.

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The Great Gatsby Book Review – The Classics Back in Fashion

The Great Gatsby Download


Fitzgerald’s most famous novel, The Great Gatsby, has been a literary treat for millions of people around the world. Translated to numerous languages, the book continues to fascinate today’s generations with the same freshness as when it was first published.

A mediocre educational background and a short military career were not good premises for Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. His success came with the publication of the This Side of Paradise, when Fitzgerald’s career took a different turn. He knew success and fame and, just as the character of The Great Gatsby, also decadence.

Portraying a little bit of Fitzgerald’s personality and lifestyle, the novel was one of the biggest literary successes every known to the American public and not only. Adapted for the big screen several times, the novel discusses key issues of the American society of the 1920s.

The 192 pages of thorough analysis of the social and economic crisis during the ‘Jazz Age’ combine the freshness of a great writing with powerful characters and a twisted plotline.


The novel is the story of Nick Carraway, a successful, young entrepreneur who moves to New York, namely to the West Egg district of Long Island. Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom, Nick’s former Yale classmate introduce him to the beautiful Jordan Baker, with whom he starts a romantic relationship.

As he starts getting acquainted with the neighborhood, he receives an invitation to one of the fabulous parties organized by his mysterious neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Because of Gatsby’s confidences with Jordan Baker, Nick will find out that Gatsby is deeply in love with Daisy. Reunited through a series of arrangements made by Nick, the two meet and start an affair.

The confrontation between Tom and Gatsby regarding their love for Daisy leads to a series of dramatic events. The tragic epilogue of The Great Gatsby focuses on two events: the death of Myrtle, Tom’s lover, hit by Gatsby’s car but driven by Daisy, and the murder of Gatsby by Myrtle’s husband, George, who wrongly assumes that Gatsby was the lover of his wife. The final act is George’s suicide, which closes this vicious circle.

Feeling disgust and disappointment, Nick organizes Gatsby’s funerals, puts an end to the relationship with Jordan and moves back, reflecting on the illusions and disillusions of the American dream.

Main Characters

The novel highlights the destiny of several characters:

  • Nick Carraway- he is the narrator of the story: a pleasant, honest and serious man, interested in deepening his knowledge on bond business.


  • Jay Gatsby- is the character that names the novel, portraying a very wealthy young man with a decadent lifestyle, trapped in a love story from the past.


  • Daisy Buchanan- playing three roles (Nick’s cousin, Tom’s wife and Gatsby’s lover) she feels lowliness and despair having accepted a loveless marriage. Cynical and fainting superficiality, Daisy ignores Tom’s infidelities and, when possible, starts her own affair with Gatsby.


  • Tom Buchanan- arrogant, racist and violent, Tom comes from a wealthy family, leading his existence between his wife, Daisy, and his lover, Myrtle.


  • Jordan Baker- portrays the new woman of the age: self-centered, a little bit boyish and cynical. Beautiful and charming, she has an inclination towards gossip and fraud.


  • Myrtle Wilson- George’s husband and Tom’s lover, she is a dynamic, very lively woman, always in search of new adventures.


  • George Wilson- he is a lifeless character, deeply in love with his wife and content with a slow life pace.

Pros and Cons

When one thinks about The Great Gatsby does not know exactly what to love more: Fitzgerald’s fabulous writing, the captivating story or the powerful characters. All in all, the novel is definitely one of modern literature’s pearls.


Critics like it, the audience adores it, and the lightweight version offered by Kindle adds a plus of charm to the lecture itself.


There is nothing better than reading a classic novel and millions of readers have concluded that The Great Gatsby is definitely one of literature’s finest works.

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